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Garden Centre Plant Design

For new gardens or revamps, Ouruhia Nursery offer an affordable on-site garden design service to help you put the right plant in the right place, whilst achieving an overall co-ordinated look. Our experienced designer will visit you at your location and advise on lay-out, suitable plants for the situation and problem areas, etc. A typical consultation will start with a chat about your requirements, followed by design suggestions and finishing up with an on the spot designed plan. The plan will include a detailed layout of plant varieties and any relevant landscaping features such as decks or paths. The cost of the service (within Christchurch) is $90 per hour and consultations generally take 1 – 1 ½ hours. For very little cost, the knowledge we provide will be invaluable.

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Contact us at the garden centre when you need a landscape specialist to help with your landscape design.